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Let’s Help Our Republican Candidates!

TFRW is excited to partner with Texas Republican Voter Engagement PAC (VEP) for 2022. We want to thank VEP for their confidence and investment in TFRW and look forward once again to exceeding expectations and achieving Texas-sized results in 2022.

VP POLITICAL activities

Corrine Miklosh

[email protected]

VEP STATEWIDE director OF Volunteers

Rhonda Lacy

[email protected]

Our Republican Candidates

Need Information on one of the candidates? Below is a list of the Republican candidates for and their websites. Support your local and statewide candidates.

Your local candidates can be found on your county GOP website.

Help Register 100,000+ New Texas Republican Voters

Voter registration is critical to winning in November. Not only will we be working to register new voters, but we will also be rolling out an incentive program for members to become involved in other ways.

Red Dialer is a phone banking program for computers or smart phone app that allows you to easily “phone bank” from your home.

It’s a powerful tool that allows us to be engaged in the fight for 2022, so you should learn to use it! It’s easy to use, and the VEP staff are ready to help you with training and answer any questions you may have.

It just takes three easy steps to help Keep Texas Red from home:
1. Download the Red Dialer presentation and video tutorial here
2. Contact your regional director to request Red Dialer credentials
3. Call, call, call to keep Texas RED HOT!


Contact Rhonda Lacy at [email protected] or your local Regional Director.

Weekly Zoom Training

Training are held weekly by VEP Volunteer Coordinator Amariah Pinchback. If interested in attending, please reach out to your regional director for more information.

Tuesdays: 10 AM, 2 PM, 7 PM

Wednesdays: 10 AM, 2 PM

Thursdays: 10 AM, 2 PM, 7 PM

Fridays: 10 AM, 2 PM

Trainings conducted by Mary Heffernan for your TFRW club can also be made at a special request. If interested, please contact Mary Heffernan at [email protected].

VEP Grassroots Regions & Regional Directors

#1 Panhandle/West Texas (Pink)

Lynda Hogue
[email protected]

#2 Big Country (Tan)

Robin Hayes
[email protected]

#3 Tarrant Metro (Red)

Susan Wright
[email protected]

#4 Dallas Metro (Gold)

Diane Dees
[email protected]

#5 East (Yellow)

Diane Dees
[email protected]

Gwen Withrow
[email protected]

#6 Border (Orange)

Kelly Perry
[email protected]

Rhonda Marquardt
[email protected]

#7 Bexar Metro (Burnt Orange)

Carol Van De Walle
[email protected]

#8 Hill Country (Blue)

Mary Jane Avery
[email protected]

#9 Travis Metro (Purple)

Mary Heffernan
[email protected]

#10 Coastal Inland (Turquoise)

Barbie Baker
[email protected]

#11 Houston SE Metro (Green)

Tina Gibson
[email protected]

Gwen Withrow
[email protected]

VEP Grassroots Regions and Regional Directors By County