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Candidate Development Program: Summer of 2019

As part of our ongoing mission to recruit and train quality Republican candidates, TFRW is proud to offer a Candidate Development Program and Campaign Management Schools.

TFRW’s intensive eight-week Candidate Development Program is completely web-based, video conferencing, so members can participate from all parts of the state. The purpose of this program is to:

  • Empower women to run for elected office at all levels of government
  • Build capacity among TFRW members to run for office
  • Help women to gain confidence needed to run for office
  • Reduce barriers to running for office

Class size is limited to fifteen TFRW members.

For more information about this powerful program, log in to the members’ section of this website.

Click Here to Download the Program Overview

Click Here to Download an Application

Campaign Management School: TBD

Campaign Management Schools are conducted throughout the state. These full-day seminars teach potential candidates and campaign staff about important topics such as campaign finance law, fundraising, and public relations. To schedule a TFRW Campaign Management School in your area, please contact VP Campaign Activities for more information.