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Laura BushTFRW Literacy Chairman Barbara Eddleman

Participation in the following literacy programs will earn award points toward the TFRW Club Achievement Award and/or the NFRW Club Achievement Award.

Make a BBLLP or MELP donation monthly in honor of your club speaker.

Visit the NFRW Literacy Member Resource page here.

Appoint a Literacy Chairman in your club today, and contact the TFRW Literacy Chairman for more help in getting a project started in your area.

TFRW Barbara Bush Literacy Library Project (BBLLP)

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy was founded by our former first lady on March 6, 1989. Since that time the foundation has awarded nearly $20 million to build or expand over six hundred family literacy programs in forty-seven states. Local clubs are encouraged to donate at least ten (10) books to a local library, school, or shelter in support of the BBLLP.

Visit the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy

NFRW Mamie Eisenhower Library Project (MELP)

The purpose of the Mamie Eisenhower Library Project, established in 1961 to honor the former First Lady, is to foster Republican philosophy and ideas through the donation of subject related books and videos to libraries, schools, or other institutions. Local clubs are encouraged to donate at least one book from the official MELP list.

TFRW Dictionary Project

The Dictionary Project was started with the goal of providing third grade students with their own personal dictionary. This is a popular project nationwide. If the schools in your area are already being provided for, consider adopting a school in a low income or minority neighborhood nearby. The history, information on how to implement the project and secure book ordering is located at

Local clubs are encouraged to make a commitment to provide dictionaries to at least one school for two or more years. Local clubs provide their own bookplates. TFRW provides examples of an introductory letter to school administration, bookplate, presentation guidelines, press release, and tips from successful clubs. A donation reporting form is also provided.

Literacy Project Funding Ideas

  • Establish a literacy fund to use for BBLLP, MELP, Dictionary Project, scholarships, etc.
  • Ask local professionals and business people to support your literacy efforts. PAC restrictions prevent us from accepting donations from corporations, but a donation from the individual is acceptable. This can be a very successful letter writing campaign that does not involve selling. These are projects that everyone likes to support!
  • Thank your donors in a newspaper display ad or include their names in your press release. Invite them to be present when you make the donation and be included in the photo.
  • Create bookmarks or sponsor a bookmark design contest. Be sure to include your club name, address, and the names of your literacy donors for the year.