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President’s Pen – May 2021

President’s Message

Is it just me, or did April absolutely fly by? Texas’ 87th legislative session has heated up with a myriad of bills being voted out of committee and into calendars for scheduling. Testimony on some bills has lasted until well after midnight. It has been a flurry of activity at our Capitol and a veritable roller coaster ride for yours truly as I work with our elected leaders to implement better laws for Texas families. Without a doubt, my best day was when I received a call on my way home from Austin and was told confidentially that “the Representatives don’t know what to do with TFRW. You’ve never been this vocal before.” That comment made my day and I didn’t stop smiling all the way home!

So, pat yourselves on the back. We are doing a great job leveraging the power of TFRW and we’ve only just put our toe in the water. Even the big lobbyists understand that, while they are influential because they can write a large check, they don’t block walk or get candidates elected, WE DO, and our legislators know it too. Just think of the impact we can make at the next GOP convention. All we have to do is show up. When we are unified, there are no other voices bigger than TFRW’s.

Game, Set, Match- to Senator Ted Cruz! Read his refreshingly direct Wall Street Journal ARTICLE calling out the “Oh-so-Woke” CEO’s that are ignorantly parroting the radical left’s talking points instead of building up their shareholders’ investments. At least here in Texas we still have common sense.

Get ready! As fast and furious as April was, May is shaping up to be even more intense. Positional leadership trainings continue to be offered across the state, and videos of our virtual Zoom trainings are available HERE. If you missed the first segment of Amy Clark’s 3-part Zoom series on Effective Communication, you can view it HERE, and join us LIVE for the second segment (Having Difficult Conversations) on May 6th.

Our 5-part “Issues” Zoom series is set to begin on May 18th and will arm you with specific facts to help you better articulate our positions on:

  • Education in TX; Civics and CRT
  • The Equality Act; Bad for Everyone, Especially Women
  • Censorship; The Systematic Elimination of Free Speech
  • The Economy; Why Conservative Plans Promote Wealth
  • Immigration/Border Control; Because We Care

TFRW Convention registration and Kalahari room-block are open today! Have you seen our promo VIDEO? Watch it and share it on your club website and social media pages! The CONVENTION PAGE on our website will house the links for all of your planning and be updated often with new information. As a special bonus, in addition to our gorgeous 2021 Convention attire (see pg. 4), you can also buy a limited edition “Dazzle” pin as an “add on” when you REGISTER. Don’t forget that submissions for NFRW’s Club Achievement Award, Caring for America Award and Campaign Activities Award must be postmarked by June 1st! See full Awards schedule HERE. It’s a GREAT time to be a Republican and I thank you again for the honor of serving you. We are empowered women empowering others, and together we will continue to make Texas the leader of principled, conservative governance.

For Texas and The Country! 

Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]