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TFRW Woman of Distinction – April 2022


Highly regarded as a leader among Republican Women across Texas, Marie Maggio has a passion for service to her community and state. A simple invitation many years ago was all it took for Marie to quickly become an asset to the Golden Triangle Republican Women. Her dedication to serving resulted in her serving as President, Membership Chair, and Bylaws Chair not once, but twice on two separate occasions.

Once established in her local club and her county party, Marie discovered the Texas Federation of Republican Women, and soon took on leadership roles on a statewide level. She has served TFRW as Secretary for two terms and currently is the TFRW Literacy Chair, a position she held prior to becoming Secretary. She is a TFRW Patron and received TFRW’s prestigious Top 10 award. In addition, Marie has served on the Greater Houston Council as VP Membership, Secretary, and currently represents her club as a delegate to the Council.

But no matter how busy she is, Marie always makes time for the Jefferson County Republican Party, her local county party. When County Party leaders call, she steps up. She has spent countless hours planning party events and organized workers to keep party headquarters open during election season. For her dedication and service, Marie was recognized as she received the Volunteer of the Year award from her senate district in 2013.

Always a busy lady, Marie has served as a delegate to her senatorial conventions as well as a delegate to the RPT and TFRW conventions. In addition, she is an Associate Member of surrounding Republican Women’s Clubs.

She holds a BA degree from Lamar University and a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling from the University of Houston. Anyone who knows her will tell you that she has a genuine work ethic and is generous with her time and energy whatever the cause.