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TFRW Woman of Distinction – April 2023


Jodie Dornak is passionate about her service for the Republican Party and is a beloved, proud member of the Village Republican Women in Harris County. She grasps the seriousness of the challenges facing our nation and volunteers to make a difference with an “onward and upward” motto. Jodie serves by making phone calls and sending postcards not only in her community or her state, but nationwide. She recently was awarded the Harris County GOP Lifetime Achievement Award for the countless hours she spends making phone calls to voters, Precinct Chairs and residents of precincts where there is no chair. Jodie conducted a grass roots training for the women of Village Republican Women in August on how to make phone calls for candidates. She did a mock phone call to model what people should and should not say on the phone and had examples of difficult phone recipients which she said rarely occurs. In September of 2022, Jodie received the Eagle Pin at the TFRW 3rd Quarter Board meeting for making more than 5,000 phone calls for the VEP program. And, that is only ONE phone-banking program with which she is involved. She truly enjoys serving and thinks of it as a “calling.” Jodie is a face that everyone knows and a VOICE that everyone hears informing them about elections and candidates. She is an outstanding role model who works diligently and tirelessly to get Republicans elected and inform voters. For 2022 alone, Jodie turned in more than 6,400 volunteer hours to TFRW for making phone calls and averaging sometimes 50 calls in one day. Her passion for phone calling began several years ago when she noticed a wall map of Harris County showing the orphaned precincts. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. Hundreds upon hundreds and that really fueled my fire. I began calling that summer… and have been volunteering with Russ Long, Chairman of the Vacancy Committee, ever since.”

Onward and upward!