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TFRW February Woman of Distinction

President’s Message

I was born in Altoona, Pennsylvania in 1932.  Our mother left my sister and me when we were very young, and our dad traveled with his work, so we moved to Roebling, New Jersey in 1934 to live with our Aunt Dell.  Our dad remarried when I was thirteen, so we moved to live with him and his new wife on a small farm.

At eighteen, I enrolled at the University of Kentucky and met Jim, the guy I would marry.  We had three sons, Mike, Patrick, and Matthew who are seventeen years apart.  We lived in Uvalde, Texas, and I taught kindergarten at a private school for ten years.  Mike graduated from Uvalde High School, but the other two sons graduated from high school in Longview, Texas.  After about ten years, we moved to Sugarland, Texas where my husband died at the age of 62.  After his death, I moved to Sun City in Georgetown, Texas where I live at the age of 86.  Being spurred on by my sons, I wrote a book, I Amaze Myself, in 2009.  It was an adventure and based on my life experiences.

My life today is full of many interesting people and experiences and never a dull moment.

Kay McConaughey

   *** Kay is a long-standing member of Georgetown Republican Women and a staunch supporter of Conservatism and the great state of Texas!