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TFRW August Woman of Distinction

Republican News

Meet Sharen Wilson, Tarrant County’s first female District Attorney AND our TFRW August 2017 Woman of Distinction!  With one grandfather a Justice of the Peace and one grandfather an Officer of DPS, Ms. Wilson grew up with a strong law enforcement background and a love for the law.  She credits this family history with her passion for public service, but she equally gives credit to the outreach, encouragement, and support she received throughout her career from men and women in the Republican Party!

She began her work in Fort Worth as an Assistant District Attorney for Tarrant County in 1981, after which she was appointed to a judgeship by then Governor Clements.  She served Tarrant County in this capacity for twenty-three years, only leaving the bench to become our first female District Attorney in Tarrant County two and a half years ago.  Ms. Wilson is known for running an efficient office with 324 employees, being a careful steward of the office’s forty-three million dollar budget, and a conviction integrity rate that is seventeenth in the nation – this means placing high priority on procedural justice and being careful that the processes in her department are true, honest, and fair.

When asked about mentors who might have helped her in her career path, Ms. Wilson was effusive concerning members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women, claiming that some stalwarts within the Party “saw something in me,” and encouraged her to run for office.  She speaks of the TFRW clubs in this way: “These are the people I like to be around.  I’m comfortable around these people.  I love the pledges, the singing of the National Anthem.”  It should be noted that while Sharen is an ardent supporter of the Republican Party of Texas and the Texas Federation of Republican Women, she takes very seriously the fact that “[she] is the DA for the whole county,” Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, and Undeclared alike.

Additionally, she gives credit to men in the government system and within the Republican Party for supporting her along the way.  She states, “I had mentors who were men – but they didn’t begrudge the fact that I was a woman.”

Ms. Wilson is a member of Metroplex Republican Women, an affiliate of TFRW, and she attends meetings of other local clubs as well.  She truly does support our clubs with her presence as she notes, “It’s the Republican Women who are the leaders, because we are the workers,” and she appreciates how the clubs consistently honor local officials and encourage young women in office to strive for excellence and reach for their potential through running for higher political office.

In offering advice or counsel to women of all ages seeking to become politically active, Ms. Wilson was quick to recommend, “Decide what you are,” meaning visit with all parties and decide where you “feel more at home.  Get involved in the Party before choosing your path.” And then she would encourage them to go for it with all their passion and potential!

Tarrant County is extremely proud of DA Sharen Wilson, and TFRW is pleased to call her one of our own!