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PRESS RELEASE – October 29, 2018

Republican News

TFRW Condemns Violence Against Religious Entities

(AUSTIN, TX) — A senseless, tragic loss of life was perpetuated this weekend at the Tree of Life synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The shooting deaths of eleven people and the injury to numerous individuals, including first responders, by the gunman occurred during their Saturday Morning Shabbat Service. The targeting of this historic Jewish community reflects a trend of violence against religious entities across the United States.

We ask that all Americans stand together against these acts of violence; we must find a way to come together as a country to stop the incidents of violence in our communities.

The Texas Federation of Republican Women condemns the hatred and the acts of violence against our citizens throughout our country. Our country was built on the principles of freedom, one of which is the freedom of religion. These actions are not who we are as Americans.

The TFRW sends our prayers to all of the families and their community affected by this horrible tragedy. We ask all Americans to pray for everyone impacted by this horrific incident in the days to come.

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