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President’s Pen – September 2022

President’s Message

Better and Stronger Together!

Can you feel it? The November election is only 68 days away and excitement about the election is growing every day. TFRW women are registering voters, phone-banking, block- walking, writing letters, and planning to work as election judges, clerks, and poll watchers. Participating in elections is one of the key freedoms of American life and it is appropriate while celebrating the Constitution this month, that we be reminded about the importance of voting, being involved in the election process, and working together to fight the radical policies and disruptive leaders who are working to tear apart the fabric of our country.

America is blessed with the best system of government in the world. One that allows We the People to have a voice through our election process. Our Founding Fathers were military leaders, rebels, politicians, lawyers, and writers who came from different backgrounds with different opinions, yet they knew the importance of the task set before them and worked together to form our nation. It is critical that today, Republicans follow their example by setting our differences aside and working together to win in November.

We the People carry the American spirit. We are “Texas Tough” and when we as Republicans come together and show up, there is nothing we can’t do. As I travel the state, I see TFRW women showing up, speaking up and working together for their communities, state, and our nation. A few of the ways TFRW women are working to make us stronger and better include:

  • The Dallas County Council of Republican Women and the Greater Houston Council each held Candidate Meet and Greets. Each event had 250-300 guests and provided candidates with the opportunity to inform voters about their campaigns. Not only were voters informed, but candidates also recruited volunteers who had never been involved before. Thank you to our councils for all you do to make TFRW clubs in your area stronger and better.
  • Clubs are planning unity events with other TFRW clubs, county parties, and conservative groups in their area.
  • The San Angelo Republican Women and the Concho Valley Republican Women joined forces to host the Keep Texas Texas-Vote for Governor Abbott Rally. Great job ladies!
  • TFRW is working with County Chairs who request a club in their area to support the county efforts. Thank you, Barbie Baker, for serving as our TRCCA liaison. I look forward to TFRW and TRCCA working together to bring home Texas-sized wins in November and in the future.
  • TFRW clubs are partnering with Leadership Institute to provide Get-Out-the- Vote training. Thank you, Charla Brotherton, for serving as our Campaign Management School Chair.
  • TFRW clubs are working to host Red Heel Brigades to support candidates in their area. Thank you, Corrine Miklosh, for making these Brigades happen.
  • Clubs are holding VDR training knowing that registering new Republican voters is crucial to winning in November.
  • Clubs are working together with their Deputy President and District Director to plan 2023 Nuts & Bolts training for their regions to continue Building Strong Leaders for Texas!

America is an exceptional nation whose future is up to us. Many of you are working long hours running your clubs, block-walking, phone-banking, sending postcards, and serving as precinct chairs and county chairs and more. You demonstrate incredible commitment and purpose, and I can’t thank you enough for all the work that you do.

In two short months, this election cycle will all be over. I ask you to do all you can to make TFRW and Texas stronger and better by remaining positive and focusing on our mission of electing our nominees that the voters of Texas selected.


Kit Whitehill

TFRW President


“United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy the union upon which our existence hangs.” – Patrick Henry