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President’s Pen – October 2020

President’s Message

Now is the time for all good women to come to the aid of their country.

This typing class flashback serves as a reminder of both the importance of the upcoming election and the role that each of us should play in it. TFRW is a working organization and we have been working overtime to maintain a principled and conservative Texas. Whether you’ve been phone banking, block walking, letter or postcard writing, registering voters, organizing events, commenting or sharing candidate posts on social media, or writing checks to those candidates, every campaign endeavor makes a difference. And if you haven’t been doing any of these things, what are you waiting for? This is the time that we will be judged by. Whatever happens on November 3rd, will you be able to look at yourself and say “I did everything in my power to preserve my country for the next generation?”

With early voting beginning in less than two weeks, our Red Dialer Registration Campaign will pivot to GOTV and we have a place for you. There’s no point in being registered if you’re not voting so we need to rally every Republican voter in Texas. It’s especially important that the red counties vote in HUGE numbers (85% or better) in order to counter the blue urban areas. Our Judges may feel this the most.

A year of firsts, we tried something new. If the billboard graphics in this newsletter look familiar, that’s because we have these same billboards up along I-35, I-45, and I-10. We have five in total and our ads will stay up through early voting!

Additionally, despite Wuhan, your TFRW Officers have been traveling as often as possible to represent our organization and meet with our clubs. I got to “welcome” the Trump bus when it stopped in Bedford, and Kit Whitehill traveled with the Women for Trump bus on their road trip from San Antonio to Houston. Even though the landscape looks different and we have unusual challenges, our mission remains the same.

Now more than ever, America needs her Texas Patriots to stand up and be counted, to rally behind her flag, and to defend her honor. I know she can count on you. You could have joined another organization, but you joined the Texas Federation of Republican Women. Let’s finish STRONG!

For Texas and The Country! 
Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]