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President’s Pen – November 2021

President’s Message

November is the natural season of giving thanks, and now that the 2021 National and State Conventions have wrapped up, I have been able to fully reflect not only on all that we have achieved but also the many people, opportunities, challenges and personal growth that I am thankful for.

I am thankful for each of our nearly 12,000 members; your love of Texas and the Country inspires me daily. You are my Federation family.

I am thankful for the TFRW officers who have become like sisters to me. We have worked together, traveled together, laughed and cried together. Our organization is blessed to have women of this caliber at the helm.

I am thankful for my dear friend, Mary Heffernan, and her amazing convention team who executed the BEST, most Dazzling Convention in my memory. Every event, meal, workshop, and speaker (even the bag) was selected meticulously to create great memories and renew enthusiasm to WIN in 2022.

I am thankful for our incredible TFRW staff. Your cheerful dispositions have made the office warm and welcoming, and it has been a genuine pleasure to work with, and learn from each of you myself.

I am thankful for the challenges we faced; because of them, we discovered a better way to honor our members at the Tribute Luncheon and a more effective event plan for Legislative Day.

I am thankful for the incredible strides we made in the legislature. TFRW’s strength and tenacity paid off more than once both at the State and Federal level.

I am thankful for my dear friend, President-elect Kit Whitehill. She will lead TFRW with strength and dignity. Her compass always pointing true north, I know she will accomplish great things.

I am thankful for my family, my friends, and all who have prayed for and supported me, and that I am a citizen of the greatest nation on earth!

I am truly blessed to have so much to be thankful for. In fact, fairly often someone will exclaim to me, “Thank you for all your sacrifices over the past two years. We owe you so much!” But the truth is, I owe a debt to the Federation that I cannot begin to pay. My time as a member of TFRW has been the most rewarding in my life. Not only have I made friendships that will last a lifetime, I’ve met U.S. Presidents, foreign dignitaries and world leaders. I’ve had opportunities that I would never have had if not for this organization, and I faced my biggest fear and conquered it, thanks to TFRW. For all of that and more, I am thankful. A

s you reflect upon what you’re thankful for and begin to prepare for the upcoming Christmas season, I ask that you consider supporting only U.S. companies and “Made in the USA” products. Besides issues with supply chain interruptions, it will make the season just a little more joyful to know you’re giving a virtual raspberry to China and the destructive economic policies coming out of this administration.

Thank you for the honor of serving you. We are empowered women empowering others, and together we will continue to make Texas the leader of principled, conservative governance.

For Texas and The Country! 

Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]