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President’s Pen – November 2020

President’s Message

For the record…

No matter what happens with this election in the next day or two, I am so proud to be associated with the Texas Federation of Republican Women. This organization is known for its “boots on the ground” work during campaign seasons, but this year you have stepped up in a way that is truly awe-inspiring. Not only have you increased our reach by work ing with other conservative groups across the state and nation, but the sheer number of members who have been actively engaged in motivating and registering new voters and now encouraging the ever important Get-Out-The-Vote effort is outstanding. I can’t remember ever seeing so many women working so hard.

I am often asked how I think the election is going, and to be honest I have been laser-focused on Texas alone, but I honestly answer that I am optimistic. I am optimistic because President Trump needs Texas to win, and Texas has TFRW! It doesn’t matter what the polls say or that our candidates are being out-spent, because ultimately the only thing that matters is who shows up to vote. We fully understand that the stakes have changed in this election. We are working for more than a president, a legislator, or a judge; we are working for the American way of life for future generations. Liberty is on the line and Texas women will fight to their last breath for it. I would rather have an army of women fighting for their families on my side than any number of paid workers and expensive television ads.

President Trump has accomplished many extraordinary things in the last four years—things that cannot be overturned or undone with the flourish of a different presidential pen. Three fantastic Supreme Court appointments will leave a lasting legacy and put a stop to the trend of overruling the legislative process. President Trump has demonstrated that some semblance of peace in the Middle East IS possible and opened our eyes to the fact that China is most definitely NOT a friend to us. Most notably, he has restored faith in the greatness of the United States. People from all walks of life who had completely given up on government have engaged the political system with renewed hope. These are all things that cannot be taken away and for which we should all be thankful. If the 2016 election had gone differently, we would be looking at a very different world today.

So in these final hours, I ask you to finish strong. We need EVERY Republican to vote on Tuesday or all that we have done in the last year will be for naught, and all of the progress our president has made will come to a screeching halt. Walk one more block; call one more list of Republicans to make certain they have voted. TFRW’s work will NOT end on November 4th regardless of the outcome of this election, but I vastly prefer the prospect of working under a Trump/Pence administration than the alternative. We can do this! We’ve seen what this president is capable of and I am excited to see what he can do with four more years. The best is yet to come!

For Texas and The Country! 
Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]