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President’s Pen – May 2023

President’s Message

I recently attended the memorial service of a TFRW member near and dear to many, Beryl Dowd. It was a touching service full of wonderful memories shared by several TFRW members.

As I reflected on the sentiments about Beryl, it struck me that she was the quintessential Republican woman we should all strive to be.

As Beryl did, we each need to embody TFRW’s purpose by actively supporting Republican candidates, encouraging Republican women to run for office, training women to become effective leaders, and informing our members and the electorate through education.

We each need to be active in our communities to raise awareness of TFRW clubs, and be a shining example of how Republican women care about their communities.

As Republican women leaders, we must exhibit professionalism, preparedness, and set ambitious standards for ourselves and others. By reflecting on these qualities, a positive attitude and showing respect for all, you can build relationships with those outside of our party and grow our party and membership in our clubs.

Even as her health declined, Beryl’s love of Republican politics stayed strong. Her passion was providing leadership training and mentoring women to run for office. She believed education and training was the KEY to electing Republicans.

In honor of Beryl’s steadfast loyalty and passion for leadership training, the Texas Federation of Republican Women is establishing the Beryl Dowd Leadership Scholarship Fund.

This fund will be used to further leadership training for all TFRW members. One example of how this fund could be used is to assist Deputy Presidents and District Directors with Nuts & Bolts workshop expenses. Information will be available on the website soon but for those who would like to donate now, simply send your check to the TFRW office with the notation Beryl Dowd Leadership Scholarship Fund.

Beryl never served as a TFRW officer but she, like many other TFRW women, was an iron lady who helped build the strong TFRW foundation that we stand upon today. It is up to us to remain focused on our purpose and on defeating the true opponents of American greatness, not each other.

Thank you, Debra Coffey, for caring for Beryl, for coordinating a beautiful service that brought happy tears and laughter to friends and family and for sharing your memories of Beryl that helped me craft this article.

As Debra said at the memorial service, “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only faithful friends will leave footprints on your heart.” So many of you have left an indelible print on my heart. It is TRULY my honor to serve as your President.

Building Strong Leaders for Texas,


Kit Whitehill
TFRW President