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President’s Pen – May 2022

President’s Message

If the month of May is anything like our April 30th Board Meeting, it will be full of positive vibes, inspiration, and great energy. This newsletter is bursting with crucial information and I encourage you to take the time to read each article for important news and updates.

It is always wonderful to get together with TFRW friends, re-energize and gather valuable information at our Board Meetings. We were thrilled to have Rocky Gage, the Executive Director of the Voter Engagement PAC, join us. Rocky gave an update on our voter registration efforts and thanked the Regional Directors and volunteers for their hard work. Many voters still need to be registered and with your help we can accomplish our goal of registering 100,000+ Republican voters. See Rhonda Lacy’s article for information on how to get involved.

Political Activities V.P. Corrine Miklosh recognized Mary Heffernan and Sue-Lynn Voigt each for making more than 5,000 VEP calls with a beautiful eagle lapel pin. These two women are working tirelessly to register voters in Texas and their efforts are paying off. I hope you will consider joining them in their efforts.

Corrine also reported on NFRW changes to political hours reporting procedures that will impact all clubs. Presidents and Campaign Activities Chairs will receive a Zoom invitation soon to learn more about the changes and ask questions.

Membership V.P. Dana Myers welcomed our new club Iron Tracks Republican Women from Grayson County in SD30. Sue-Lynn Voigt is the President and the District Director. The club name was chosen to honor the history of Van Alstyne which was once a Depot for the Sherman-Dallas Inter-urban Railway. President Voigt stated that “just as railway tracks moved people and commerce to North Texas, Iron Tracks Republican Women are bringing political education to the expanding population of Van Alstyne.” We look forward to watching Iron Tracks’ success in the coming months.

For those interested in volunteering at the Republican Party of Texas Convention, please note the volunteer link in the newsletter. Regarding convention delegates and alternates, I was informed following the Board meeting that of the 9,100 potential delegates and alternates, approximately 1,200 are TFRW women. This is excellent news and it is exciting to see TFRW will be well represented at the convention.

Mary Jane Avery, Resolutions Chair, presented two important resolutions at the Board Meeting. The first was regarding the Keep 9 Amendment and the second was regarding energy independence. Both resolutions passed and will be posted on our website later this week.

Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd was our featured guest speaker and gave a riveting update on the Texas boarder crisis and its impact on local law enforcement the state.

Texas sheriffs, as the first and last line of defense in their counties, have been on the front lines fighting illegal immigration for decades. Illegal immigrants being trafficked into Texas are part of the “modern day slave trade. This is huge money for cartels. It’s far more lucrative than drugs,” Boyd said. Boyd encouraged TFRW members to stay engaged with their local legislators and County Sheriffs to continue to fight back against this invasion.

If you are interested in requesting Sheriff Boyd to speak to your club, his information can be found in our Speakers Bureau located on the Forms and Documents page in the Members section of our website.

I hope you enjoy the new ‘Round About Texas section of the newsletter. Thank you to our Public Relations Chair, Julie Faubel, for gathering activities from club newsletters to create this fun addition to the newsletter.

Mark your calendar for our Third Quarter Board Meeting which will be held July 15–16th at the Sheraton Georgetown Hotel and Conference Center. Being there is so invigorating and exciting, it can’t compare to just reading about it!

May is also a month to remember those who serve, or have served, our country. Thank you to Julia Morton, Americanism Chair, and new to our Board, Cecilia Tyler, Military Liaison Chair, for their wonderful articles reminding us of opportunities to remember and honor those who served.

Wishing everyone a blessed month of May,


Kit Whitehill

TFRW President


M – Make this month count, A – Accomplish your goals, Y – You can do this!