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President’s Pen – March 2024

President’s Message

Just a few short days to Primary Election Day and I, like many of you, am anxious to move forward to the November General Election.

This Primary has been one of the most divisive primaries I’ve encountered in years. I’ve seen clubs divided and relationships fractured. I admire those of you who have shown true leadership in this climate of division and chaos. We, as members of TFRW, have an opportunity to demonstrate what politics CAN and SHOULD look like.

I want to thank everyone who spent many hours working for our candidates. As we all know, there can only be one winner and, I pray that when all is done, we will all accept the results and support the winner regardless if we agree or disagree. Yes, there will be runoffs, but unifying our Party should be our number one priority.

If we do not unite, we will not win!

I encourage all of you to attend your Precinct and County Conventions this month. Get elected as a Delegate or Alternate for the State Convention and make plans now to attend our State Convention in May. Exercise your right to make your voice heard. Strength is in numbers. Together, we will be a positive example of civility and unity and by doing so will ensure Republican wins in November!

We have a lot at stake. United, we will bring our country back on track. Ladies, I know you all have been working incredibly hard holding candidate meet and greets, primary forums, and membership drives for your clubs. Many of you have worked with your local Republican Party helping them with their Lincoln-Reagan Dinner or fundraiser events! You all have done a tremendous job and I am so proud to stand with so many “can do” women. We are making a difference.

Thank you for all you do for Texas and TFRW!

Happy Easter!


Zenia Warren
TFRW President