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President’s Pen – March 2023

President’s Message

I am always proud of our TFRW organization and members, but on February 24th, I was bursting with pride, excitement and gratitude at the Texas Republican Voter Engagement Project (VEP) Appreciation Event hosted by Karl Rove, Senator John Cornyn, and Governor Greg Abbott.

The event was a “thank you” to those who generously donated a total of $2 million to make the VEP campaign possible, and to highlight the “Super Volunteers” who each made 5,000+ voter registration calls during the campaign. Their dedication resulted in 169,160 new Texas Republican voters being registered for the 2022 election cycle, which surpassed the initial goal of 100,000!

I believe Senator Cornyn summed it up best by saying, “Volunteers like this are what make TFRW our party’s secret weapon. Without your commitment and leadership efforts, the VEP would not have been able to achieve the level of success it did. We are grateful.” – Senator John Cornyn

Please join me in congratulating TFRW’s “Super Volunteers” below who worked tirelessly to register voters and who were honored at the event. Their efforts accounted for just under half of the total calls made. They are:

  • Carla Birk
  • Carol Ann Rima
  • Mary Heffernan
  • Gail Schubot
  • Patti Miles-Muniz
  • Julie Tanner
  • Sheryl Miller
  • Sue Lynn Voigt
  • Marie Moffett
  • Angela Williams

We also are grateful to the following TFRW women who made calls, served as VEP Regional Directors, or coordinated volunteer efforts in their area:

  • Mary Jane Avery
  • Rhonda Lacy
  • Barbie Baker
  • Rhonda Marquardt
  • Diane Dees
  • Jana May
  • Tina Gibson
  • Carol Van De Walle
  • Robin Hayes
  • Gwen Withrow
  • Mary Heffernan
  • Susan Wright
  • Lynda Hogue

All newly registered voters from the 2020 and 2022 cycles were targeted by VEP for extra GOTV attention. This group of voters represented 27% of Gov. Abbott’s margin; and 29% of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s.

As I watched the day unfold, I reflected on how grateful I am for every TFRW member who supports our objectives and dedicates her time to making Texas better. I am grateful for the lifelong friends I have made through TFRW and for the opportunities TFRW offers.

But, as I visited with those in attendance and learned even more about the VEP program, I was overcome with gratitude for the vision, dedication and sacrifice of Karl Rove, Senator Cornyn and Governor Abbott as they work to protect Texas. TFRW will continue to assist with voter registration efforts, knowing they are critical to keeping Texas RED.

Ladies, this is what it takes to win elections, and we can be proud that our members made this happen!


Kit Whitehill

TFRW President