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President’s Pen – June 2024

President’s Message

Thank goodness May has come and gone. We made it through the Runoff Elections and the Texas GOP Convention.

I hope many of you enjoyed Fiesta at the Alamo. And, our Champion of Freedom Gala was spectacular. Congratulations to our First Lady of Texas, Cecilia Abbott, TFRW 2024 Champion of Freedom Honoree. She is truly a shining light of inspiration to all of us. Thank you to VP Finance Bergundi Cain, VP Legislation Jill Tate, and their fabulous team for their hard work making these events so successful. A huge THANK YOU to Steve Munisteri for his uplifting intro and Natasha Owens for her fabulous voice. TFRW had an overwhelming presence at the convention with over 2,400 members attending. Total Convention Delegate attendance was approximately 6,600.

TFRW did make a difference. The outcome was disheartening, but we must continue to do what Republican women do. Please remember the words of Dr. Dana Myers, “If not me, then who?”

We now have a huge challenge ahead as we quickly approach the dog days of summer. Many voters still need to be registered and with your help we can accomplish our goal of registering 150,000 Republican voters — see Mary Heffernan’s article on page 15. Mary and her team have been doing a fabulous job, working hard to get this done. TFRW needs you to volunteer to accomplish this within the next couple of months. After that, it’s on to door knocking and phone banking to get out the vote with Team Texas at the helm. I hope you will consider being part of the VEP team. You can easily do this from the comfort of your home.

Ted Cruz needs our help as well. Want to volunteer? Information is published in this newsletter on page 11. Please VOLUNTEER!

We still need to work on rebuilding many fractured relationships resulting from the primaries and even the runoffs. Let’s put this behind us and move forward in a positive direction. We cannot lose sight of the big picture. We must ensure that Donald J. Trump is elected! Getting out the vote for the November election must be our number one priority. Texas and our country need us, and we need each other. We are the most powerful women’s political organization in Texas—let us lead the way to victory in November! United We Win!

Many of you will not be meeting over the summer months, but don’t let that stop you from staying engaged. Take the time now to reach out to those members who have not renewed and get them back on board to help elect every Republican on the ballot, top to bottom. Don’t forget to continue recruiting new members. Strength is in numbers!

Mark your calendars for our 3rd Quarter TFRW Board Meeting which will be held July 26-27th at the Courtyard Austin Pflugerville and Pflugerville Conference Center. Being there will energize you!

I am humbly honored to serve you.

God Bless You and God Bless Texas,


Zenia Warren
TFRW President
Uniting Republican Women for Texas