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President’s Pen – June 2021

President’s Message

Today is the day! The first of many important summer deadlines is today, June 1st. Have you submitted your applications for NFRW Club Achievement, Campaign Hours, Caring for America, and Armed Forces awards? Covid changed the way we operated for a while but it didn’t stop us, and I hope to receive an avalanche of award applications today. TFRW officer applications are also due today. If you’re the kind of leader who follows the True North principles of conservatism and understands the need for unity among Republicans, please consider applying.

Texas’s 87th regular legislative session is over and I am so proud of the involvement of TFRW members across the state. If you watched much of the session, you saw firsthand how often policy and politics collide and realize how important our involvement at the grassroots level truly is. We did not achieve everything we wanted but we were instrumental in getting some really important legislation passed. Our participation did not go unnoticed, and we will never again be seen as merely the “worker bees” of the party. When we are unified, there is no more powerful voice than TFRW’s.

Please remember that we will continue to support Camino Real RW’s mission to serve our Border Patrol agents through our statewide service project. Please send donations directly to Deb Wall or to the July Board of Directors meeting in Georgetown. Needed items include:

  • Disposable plastic gloves
  • Wound wash
  • Hand wipes (preferably individually packaged)
  • Insect Spray
  • Sun Screen

We have been training our members to speak to people’s hearts and minds so they have the ability to change both. If you missed Amy Clark’s 3-part Zoom series on Effective Communication, you can view it HERE.

And please join us live tonight for the final segment of our 5-part “TFRW on the Issues” Zoom series on Immigration/Border Control. This series will arm you with specific facts to help you better articulate our conservative positions on:

  • Education in TX; Civics and CRT
  • The Equality Act; Bad for Everyone, Especially Women
  • Censorship; The Systematic Elimination of Free Speech
  • The Economy; How Conservative Policies Promote Wealth
  • Immigration/Border Control; Because We Care

As we push full throttle into the 2022 election cycle, it is imperative that we remember what being a real leader looks like. We mustn’t adopt leftist tactics like “canceling” other conservatives we don’t agree with. To be successful, Republicans must focus on defeating the true opponents of American greatness, not each other. There is more than one way forward—different organizations can utilize different strategies, but we need to be united. We may play different positions on the team, but we’re all wearing the same color jerseys. #TeamRed!

I thank you again for the honor of serving you. We are empowered women empowering others, and together we will continue to make Texas the leader of principled, conservative governance.

For Texas and The Country! 

Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]