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President’s Pen – July 2024

President’s Message

Walk into a grocery store and you will be bombarded by red, white and blue plastered on everything from cocktail napkins to beach towels. Visit any city or town in the U.S. on the Fourth of July and you will find a parade of some sort making its way through Main Street. American Flags line our streets and are proudly displayed everywhere.

Nice weather, family barbeques, parades, fireworks and red, white and blue everything. Americans are preparing to celebrate Independence Day this week with time-honored and beloved traditions.

We celebrate the Fourth of July every year, but we should be celebrating it every day of the year! Freedom is not free. We often forget all the sacrifices made throughout the centuries ensuring that every American is free.

My challenge to you is to remind everyone why you love America. No matter how you and your family observe the day, take time to remember the true meaning of our independence. It’s our nation’s birthday – 248 years!

Make it a point, sometime during the day, to share the true history of our nation with friends and family, young and old. Everyone has a story. Enjoy celebrating with family, friends, and loved ones but always remember that America, our freedom, and our liberty are worth defending. Do not take this precious freedom for granted.

Be proud you are American. Take a well needed break! You are a patriot; stay the course and get ready to roll up your sleeves. We have a lot of work to do to win this election!

Happy Fourth of July! I am humbly honored to serve you.

God Bless America,


Zenia Warren
TFRW President
Uniting Republican Women for Texas