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President’s Pen – July 2021

President’s Message

Happy Independence Day!

There is nothing more American than fireworks and family cookouts. At my house, we like big steaks, Grammy’s apple pie and traditional sides like potato salad, and political discussion. After all, what better time to discuss American exceptionalism, than when we are celebrating our National Independence. I truly cherish America’s legacy of rugged individualism, and opportunity for all. The culture war that is trying so relentlessly to erase our history and divide us as a nation cannot succeed if we stand defiantly against it. We must stand up; together if we can, but alone if we must. Our freedom and liberty are worth defending— America is worth defending! Be the happy warrior! Smile, dance, and celebrate all that you have to be thankful for, then dance your way down to the election’s office and become a Deputy Voter Registrar because we have work to do.

It’s not enough to be right—we have to win the hearts of American families. That means that we need to do a better job of:

  • Communicating our values,
  • Articulating our positions,
  • and Differentiating ourselves from the other party.

That last one seems to be where we most often get hung up. A common phrase that I hate to hear is “both parties are exactly the same.” I hate it, because I know there is a lot of truth in it. Certainly we espouse different values and priorities, but there are bad actors on both sides of the aisle. But this is also an opportunity for women like us to demonstrate what leadership should look like.

“By their fruits you will know them…” – Matthew 7:16

We must work toward common goals and stop canceling out conservatives we don’t agree with. We need to attract people who didn’t know they were conservatives but practice our principles in their everyday lives. We need to recognize that we can accomplish more working together than any one organization can alone. To be successful, we must focus on defeating the true opponents of America and not each other. And if we remain positive and happy, our “difference” will attract others.

As women, we set the tone of patriotism and hope in our homes and in our communities. My challenge to every woman in TFRW is to do three small things that show why you love America. Can you imagine the impact of 10,000 women/30,000 acts of patriotism in the next week; the week we celebrate our independence? We are different. We are happy warriors. Actions speak volumes, so let’s remind the world why America is exceptional.

I thank you again for the honor of serving you. We are empowered women empowering others, and together we will continue to make Texas the leader of principled, conservative governance.

For Texas and The Country! 

Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]