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President’s Pen – August 2021

President’s Message


Last month, we broke so many records it was like Christmas in July! As President Biden recklessly tears down the very foundation that America was built on and his policies cause inflation to rise unchecked, TFRW’s membership is growing at an astounding rate. Regular people who have never had any interest in politics, feel compelled to “Do Something,” and are joining our ranks. Perhaps I should send President Biden a thank you note…

I imagine that you get asked “What is TFRW?” nearly as often as I do, and I would like to answer that question with a paraphrase from Cooke County Republican Women President, Kerri Kingsbery:

“TFRW’s main objectives are to support the policies and principles of the GOP, and to work for the election of the Republican Party’s Nominees. Individual clubs work to support those objectives as well as creating an informed electorate through political education and activity, increasing the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active political participation, fostering loyalty to the Republican Party, and promoting its principles and candidates in all elections, including non-partisan elections.

What we are not: We are not here to tell you what to think or how to think. We do not try to gauge how conservative you are, or how religious you are. We do not apply litmus tests for membership. Our members have diverse opinions, but we all want to keep Texas, and America, great for generations to come.

We are an inclusive club of Republicans who welcome people from every walk of life. If you believe in the philosophy of the Republican Party, are a citizen of the United States, and a registered voter who wants to become more engaged and informed and see that Republican principles are fostered and promoted, then you are one of us!”

I could not have said it better, and I am so incredibly proud of this organization. You are the women who make things happen. You are directly responsible for maintaining our majority in the Texas House and Senate in 2020, and you will be the leaders in taking back the U.S. Congress and Senate in 2022. We will continue to defeat the true opponents of America by standing together with all who love freedom and liberty. Your positive leadership will make us shine like a beacon and TFRW will continue to grow.

Don’t forget, the NFRW Convention in Orlando will be September 24-26th. Each club is entitled to send one Delegate and one Alternate (and as many guests as they like) to represent them. Delegates and Alternates must be registered for the convention before they can be credentialed. The national convention is a wonderful opportunity to engage with women from across the country. Register today at

Our own TFRW Convention also is breaking records! Be sure to join us October 14-16th in Round Rock. You will be energized, engaged, and Dazzled by the speakers, workshops and events we have planned for you. Register for the convention, book your rooms, and so much more at

I thank you again for the honor of serving you. We are empowered women empowering others, and together we will continue to make Texas the leader of principled, conservative governance.

For Texas and The Country! 

Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]