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President’s Pen – August 2020

President’s Message

Calling all members! We need all hands on deck!

Convention is behind us and early voting is just about 10 weeks away. Hopefully, you’ve been working with us over the last year to register Texas voters and participate in phone banking for special elections across the nation, so you know that TFRW is a full-time, year-round organization. We don’t stop for spring break, summer, or Chinese viruses, we just find new ways to accomplish what needs to be done. We are currently wrapping up Phase 1 of our GOTV (Get Out the Vote) registration effort, and launching Phase 2. Clubs will receive details about Phase 2 from their District Directors and/or Deputy Presidents beginning next week. We are also moving forward with our Adopt-a-Candidate program, where in addition to supporting your local candidates, we are encouraging every club to “adopt” one of our Top Target candidates. The support we give these Top Targets will make all the difference in safeguarding the Texas House and ensuring a Texas victory for President Trump in November.

For me, the silver lining of the convention was the large number of TFRW members who were elected or appointed to serve on committees and were elected to represent our state as National Delegates/Alternates, Electors, etc. I am so thankful to each of you who put yourselves out there and enormously proud that TFRW was represented so well.

A TEXAS-sized congratulations to Chairman Allen West and Vice Chair Cat Parks on their races. I look forward to continuing and expanding TFRW’s partnership with the RPT in the years ahead. We have a lot to do in the coming months, so let’s lock arms and show the rest of the state what working together looks like! Voting the Courthouse to the White House for 100 years and counting…

For Texas and The Country! 
Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]