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President’s Pen – April 2024

President’s Message

I can’t believe our 2nd Quarter Board Meeting is just a few weeks away. I look forward to seeing you on April 19th and 20th at the Embassy Suites Hotel Round Rock. As always, we will conduct important business, and hear from informative speakers you don’t want to miss. For details on our Board Meeting, click HERE.

I was honored to represent TFRW at the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) Spring Board Meeting last month in Washington D.C. I got goosebumps gazing out of my plane window as we descended over the Washington Monument and the Capitol. The cherry blossoms were not quite in full bloom but the haze of pink was everywhere, accented by Bradford pear trees all in full white bloom, and every so often a bright yellow forsythia would stand tall in majestic beauty. I felt refreshed and ready to go after getting through the Primaries. I took a sigh of relief even though I was disappointed in many of the results. Sadly only 17% of all Texas voters turned out to vote. I anticipate that less than half of this percentage will vote in the run-offs. We have a lot of work to do to get out the vote for May 28th!

On another note, the down-ballot vote was very discouraging. We must work diligently to educate voters to vote the ballot top to bottom.

Congratulations to all our TFRW sisters who won their primaries. Thank you to those who worked so hard but didn’t quite make it across the finish line. Don’t be discouraged. We cannot lose sight of the big picture. We must elect all Republicans on that final General Election ballot.

Step up now, volunteer for VEP, continue working for candidates, knock on doors, make those phone calls, and build relationships. This is what Republican Women do! United we will Keep Texas RED and put our great nation back on the course of where it needs to be. Together we stand strong in our faith, and know that “God has a plan.”

Thanks for all you do!

God Bless Texas and God Bless America!


Zenia Warren
TFRW President