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President’s Message – October 2018

President’s Message

Our organization is called the Texas Federation of Republican Women, emphasis on Republican. We are team Republican, and after the primaries and all the runoffs, we are only team Republican. I am sure somewhere in the bylaws it even spells out that we support Republican candidates. We are Republicans; we are a Republican organization which makes our mission “to elect Republicans into office.”

Since election season is also in the middle of football season, let’s use sports as an analogy. Alamo Heights is playing Kerrville Tivy and you are team Alamo Heights. Tivy is going to send scouts to watch A.H. practice and watch A.H. play other teams, but A.H. is never going to invite them to film night or into the locker room during halftime; that would be insane. You may as well hand over your playbook wrapped in pretty paper and tied with a bow. Republicans should never give Democrats a platform, especially during an important election in Texas.

We do not give a voice to Democrats; we do not give a voice to Democrats in nonpartisan races. We do not give a voice to Democrats period. We do not give them a voice because we like to win, and giving the opposing team a leg up is counterproductive. I live in San Antonio, and I have a lot of friends who are Democrats. I adore these friends, but I still would not invite them to a Republican meeting if they were running for office.

The state of Texas has been running very well for the past fourteen years under Republican leadership, the country is running very well under Republican President Donald Trump. Let’s not screw this up!! Put on your red jersey, get out there, and let’s win this!

Karen C. Newton, President
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