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President’s Message – October 2016

President’s Message

Why on earth do we continue to talk about Donald Trump’s “temperament” when what we really should be talking about is Hillary Clinton’s character????    I want you to think about that.  And ask the question every chance you get.

As of October 1st, we have merely 37 left until the election – only a few short weeks stand between the American dream  and absolute corruption.   YOU, however, have the power to make the difference.

On November 8th you will have to decide if you want a government that will control our lives, steal the bounty of our life’s work and, quite possibly, dismantle every precept upon which our great nation was built.  Or you can choose a government that will restore peace through strength, not allow the US Treasury to steal from us more than our fair share and will return dignity and prosperity to every family in America.

Will you choose politics as it’s always been, or will you choose a chance at greatness for all? Are  you so afraid of the unknown that you will allow a woman with a proven record of deceit and disdain to control your future?  Or will you make the smart decision and elect Donald J Trump?

There are a lot of “progressive” thinkers that believe that we should all elect HRC because it’s time for a woman to be president in much the same way that Obama won because folks thought it was time for a black president, even one with no record of accomplishment.

I say not  only no, but hell no.  I will not vote for anyone because of an accident of birth;  I will vote for the candidate with the strongest plans for our freedom and our prosperity.

HRC has announced some real plans for America including raising the death tax to 65% and it will hit nearly every American.  I’m sure assets held in Canadian trusts will be excluded, however.  She will extend ObamaCare, broken as it is, to anyone regardless of residency or citizenship status.   She will increase regulatory strangleholds on business until there isn’t a manufacturing plant or professional corporation left on US soil.  She will continue to assert that she is above the laws by which the rest of us mere mortals must live.

Hillary will continue to make lopsided trade agreements because “it will make China feel better” and ignore the very real nuclear threats in the mid-East.  She will tell  you that this is the closest we’ve ever come to getting them to the negotiating table, all the while they are laughing at American stupidity.  She will open our borders allowing in any murdering thug who has but one mission in life: to cause chaos and death to our way of life and she will call it the “humanitarian” thing to do.

Hillary will multiply our out of control federal deficit with massive spending on social programs such as “free college” that do nothing for our liberty or prosperity except give false hope to those who are clearly naive.  HRC will keep her promise to ignore our Constitution and demand the confiscation of our guns so that we have no way of protecting ourselves from the lawlessness that her poor policies will inevitably create.

Hillary will do nothing to heal racial divides in this country.  If she cared at all about race relations she would disavow and possibly prosecute George Soros and his merry band of professional protestors.

Donald Trump doesn’t have to be running for President; if you’ve figured nothing else out about him other than he truly loves America, then you’ve learned enough.  The American Dream has been good to him and he wants all Americans to have a chance at the dream, too.

Here is some of what I know that Donald Trump will do for America:

  • Stop the overwhelming and often unnecessary regulations that prevent the creation of jobs
  • Overhaul the oppressive tax system that has most of us earning more money for the government than for our families.
  • Strengthen our military so that we are capable of defending ourselves and our allies from the very real dangers of jihadists and crazed terrorists.
  • Make sure that our Veterans are not denied the benefits that they have earned.
  • Defend and protect our Constitution- all of it.
  • Appoint justices that will uphold our laws and not create their own.
  • Help Congress to enact childcare policies that benefit American families.
  • Secure our borders and reform our immigration system so that puts the needs of OUR country first.
  • Repeal ObamaCare and use free-market principles to make health insurance affordable for all.

I will not vote for a lying, cheating, soul-sucking, American-murdering, left-wing elitist just because she happens to use a particular bathroom.

I will cast my vote for Donald Trump because I believe in a greater America and a greater future for the next generation.  I hope you will join me for a better tomorrow.

Theresa Kosmoski

Theresa Kosmoski