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President’s Message – November 9, 2016

President’s Message

As I sit and write this on Wednesday morning, the day after the Presidential election, I feel such a sense of joy for America and hope for its future.  We now have a real chance for hope and real change after the last 8 years of failed policies.

We know our Constitution will be protected.  Our Supreme Court will reflect our values.  Our military will be strengthened and respected. Our citizens will be free.

Last night proved that America wants what the Republican Party stands for.  We protected our majorities in the House and Senate, and now we have a Republican in the White House.  It is possible that sanity can be restored to Washington, DC, after all.  This could not have happened without all of the work and dedication by Republican Women, and especially the women of TFRW.  You truly showed America how it’s done.

TFRW is proud to extend our congratulations to President-Elect Donald J. Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence.  We are proud of the work you’ve done, and the job we know you will do for all of us.

America will be great, again.

Theresa Kosmoski

Theresa Kosmoski