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President’s Message – November 2016

President’s Message

We are less than a week away from correcting the course that America has found herself on the last 8 years.  I am hoping, praying and working towards getting Donald J Trump elected as President of the United States of America.  I know that you are, too.

Republican voters in America started this election season with seventeen choices, ranging from total outsiders to entrenched “inside the Beltway” figures.   Every candidate came to the party with their own history, talents and perspectives on what it will take to undo all the damage that 8 years of failed policies have inflicted, both home and abroad.  Each one of the candidates displayed an absolute commitment to conservative values and this country.

Primaries have devolved into a blood-sport.  You really must put on your big boy/girl panties, and a suit of armor wouldn’t hurt.  Lots of things were said in the heat of battle, some true, some not.  Feelings got hurt and weaknesses were exposed.  Yet they stood up for what they believed.

I applaud and thank each and every one of them.  Then America chose.

As we move into the final days of this campaign cycle, I must say this to those who think our support of Donald Trump is the result of some sort of blind party loyalty and, further, is evidence of a lack of judgment:  It is NOT a lack of judgment but rather a rather bold statement by Americans that, overall, the leadership in Washington DC has failed us miserably.  Something must change, drastically.

Now is the time for all Republicans to come home.

Thanks to Wikileaks, we have proof that the Clintons have engineered the most corrupt web of deceit in American history and there is no doubt that they would continue to use the White House in furtherance their own greed and self interest.

There is a war on women in America, or at least on one woman who goes by the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  We will not declare a ceasefire until we grant her the rank of private citizen on November 8th.  We need our troops marching in the same direction, and we need it now.

Donald Trump may not be the perfect candidate – is there really such a thing?  We didn’t think Reagan was perfect at the time.   Trump does represent a different path  and he speaks to our need to find a better America where the deck isn’t stacked against you if you aren’t wealthy or connected.  He speaks to our desire to have an America where we aren’t labeled “deplorable”, “lazy”, “needy” or “basement dwelling whiners”.   He speaks to our desire to provide a safe homeland for our children and a future of prosperity for all. He wants America to be great again.

Republicans come home.  Our party…our nation….needs each of us to be the hope and change that will light the way for the next generations.

We need to keep that lying, cheating, soul-sucking, American-murdering left wing elitist out of our White House and out of our lives.

We need to vote for Donald J Trump for President.

Theresa Kosmoski

Theresa Kosmoski