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President’s Message May 2016

President’s Message

I can honestly say that this presidential campaign cycle has been the most unusual that I have ever experienced.   I cannot wait for our party to select a nominee and for all of us to begin working towards rolling out the RED carpet at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave.  I truly hope that there are many TFRW women in Cleveland; our country needs the common sense and courage that you bring to the process.

What bothers me the most during this primary season are the vitriolic attacks against Republican candidates that came not from “the other party” but from within our own party.  Especially the attacks insinuating that someone isn’t really a Republican because they differed on a point or two.

We are human, after all, and as such we are never going to agree 100% of the time.  It’s just not possible; even when we see eye to eye on our core ideals we get hung up on the minutia.

I love debate between candidates on the finer points of their positions; in fact, I am always happy to see intelligent discourse between people who don’t completely agree with one another.  That is usually the kind of dialogue from which I can learn something useful and important.

What I cannot tolerate is the use of labels and the amplification of hyperbole to the point of defamation.  It simply isn’t necessary.   We voters are a pretty intelligent bunch; those who choose to run for public office can be assured that we are able to listen to a candidate’s positions and make an informed choice.

Hear me clearly candidates:  We don’t need you to tell us why your opponent is the worst human being to walk this planet; we need you to tell us what you will do and why you are best for the position.

Not long ago, I heard Senator John Cornyn paraphrase Ronald Reagan in this way: “What do I call someone who agrees with me 80% of the time?  I call him a friend, not a 20% traitor.

Amen, Senator Cornyn.


Theresa Kosmoski

Theresa Kosmoski NEW