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President’s Message – March 2020

President’s Message

Air of Excitement

I am writing to you today from the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary. FUN FACT- Did you know that besides Hungary, more Hungarians live in the United States than in any other country? It’s true!

The Hungarian people have a long history of oppression at the hands of other govern- ments. From the Ottoman Turks to German and Soviet occupations, the Hungarian people have developed a unique appreciation of liberty and freedom. They recognize that what America has is something valuable and worth fighting to keep. When the USSR weakened and Hungary declared its independence from socialism in 1989, families were free to travel again, and they moved to the United States in droves. Freedom is something every human craves, and the idea of a nanny state is only tempting to those who don’t understand the cost. Free healthcare, free college, free housing, free childcare… The cost is your freedom, your liberty, your independence, and your individuality. You must become one of the collective with no unique worth of your own. As Americans, we have been incredibly blessed. In the great card game of life, we were dealt a royal flush just by being born here.

Have you felt the air of excitement this campaign season? There is a groundswell of public support for our President’s policies that is not being reported by the media. From the beginning of the impeachment charade until the inevitable acquittal, more than 1.2 Million brand new supporters, contributed to President Trump’s re-election campaign. Many of those donors had never even voted before, let alone contributed to a political campaign. These were just regular people, not involved with politics, who recognized that these partisan antics were slow- ing down our POTUS from making America the Greatest it has ever been.

Freedom and liberty are things we have taken for granted, but we can do so no longer. We must ensure that every American is registered and voting to preserve our constitutional republic. Attend your precinct and county or senatorial convention and become a delegate to the state GOP convention in Houston. When you meet someone who is advocating for Socialism, educate them about the price of all that “free stuff.” We live in the greatest state, in the greatest country in the world, and TFRW will lead the fight in keeping it great.

Thank you again for the honor of serving you. Together, we will make Texas stronger and more conservative than ever.

For Texas and The Country! 
Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]