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President’s Message – March 2018

President’s Message

When Mitt Romney lost in 2012 I specifically recall the Republican National Committee putting together a team to determine why we lost; again. One overwhelming piece of survey data concluded that Republicans were, perceptually, not inclusive enough. Following the study the plea went out to all Republican organizations to take the lead on outreach and grow the big tent. The Texas Federation of Republican Women followed orders.

I have a Masters in Sociology, in a nutshell sociology is the study of a group not an individual. Thus, is it my observation, qualitatively speaking, that Democrats follow the group think mentally and Republicans are individualists. Being a conservative in a very liberal discipline was a daily challenge but, I thoroughly enjoyed the discourse and there were some professors (not all) that enjoyed it as well. That is one of the things I enjoy most about being a Republican, the discourse. I want to talk to members who have opposing views because I just might learn something, or I may appreciate my opinions even more.

T.F.R.W. leadership understands that Republicans are individuals, we are leaders not followers.

I like the individualism that is the Republican party, but it has occurred to me in recent months that not all Republicans feel the same. There are some Republicans that feel purifying the party is more important than winning elections. Purifying the party is the surest way to lose our Republican majority and statewide held seats.

How do you say to a lifelong Republican voter they are Republican enough? What does that even mean? If I have not heard it with my own ears I would not believe that there are Republicans out there actually not wanting the votes they deem not ‘right’ enough.

We cannot send this message to our fellow Republican voters, because if we do we will lose Texas to the Democrats and we do need every Republican vote.

I am never going to tell anyone to give up their core values, but don’t judge a fellow Republican because their core values are not the same as your core values.

Let us be the leaders and let T.F.R.W. lead by example.

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Karen C. Newton, President