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President’s Message – June 2019

President’s Message

Time to Roll up our Sleeves

The official start of summer is in just a few short weeks, but in our family, Memorial Day officially marks the start of summer. When our children were school age, we would head to the coast for Memorial Day weekend and pretend that school was out for summer recess (the way it was when I was younger); of course, we always had to go back to San Antonio to finish up the last two or three required days of school. Summer is a time to lay back, relax, and smell the salt air; unless you are a Republican in Texas getting ready for 2020.

Our members will be working hard this summer, alongside other prominent Republican organizations to prepare for the 2020 election cycle. We all know that after the 2018 midterms, we needed to be vigilant because our fellow Americans who play for the blue team are hyped up and ready to, not only take the White House, but dominate in Texas. What is so mind-blowing is that Texas is stellar, in part because of Republican leadership, and the Democrats want to change all that by electing liberal representatives. We cannot let that happen!

Karen C. Newton, President

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