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President’s Message – June 2017

President’s Message

Are the liberal snowflakes ready to admit that President Trump is actually right about something? Can they admit that, even though we are not in a religious war with anyone, the radical Islamists are in an all-out religious war with us?  That innocent people are being killed all over the world in the cause of ISIS and that there is a HUUUUGE target on the back of the United States?

ISIS did not originate in America or Europe yet they have managed to infiltrate our borders and create an environment of death and destruction.  And fear.  London just suffered their third terrorist attack in three months that left innocent people, including CHILDREN, dead and injured. How many more have to die before we acknowledge that too many people have died?

How many more have to die before we acknowledge that access to our country is a right reserved only for our citizens and a privilege we often grant to others who want a better life than they might have at home.  In this era of unrelenting murder of innocents in the name of someone else’s religion, at what point do we decide that it’s okay to more carefully vet those requesting entrance to our countries?  Why isn’t it okay to find out if a non-citizen wants to come to our country for a better life or for other, more nefarious, reasons?

I have absolute empathy for refugees who are escaping horrendous life conditions in their homelands and for whom America is their only salvation, their only hope.  I want to continue to be the beacon in the harbor for them.  But I am not willing to wave in ISIS terrorists at the same time.

We know that ISIS terrorists are infiltrating refugee groups that are seeking asylum in the US.  Our policies are so broad that we have, essentially, put out a welcome mat for terroristic murderers. I’m completely bewildered by the those who insist that we give greater consideration to immigrants or refugees than to our own children.

We also know that some ISIS attackers have appeared to be French or Belgian and not Middle Easterners.  We don’t have a ‘picture’ of what an ISIS terrorist looks like anymore.  We should halt the visa waiver program for all non-citizens and make anyone wanting to come here use the usual visa process which includes an interview at an embassy. While some may call this an inconvenience, I call it necessary.

We must face the new reality of the world, for however long this threat exists; there are people in this world that can, and will, hurt or kill our children because it pleases them to do so.     Failure to protect our elderly and our children is an absolute moral failure.

The Supreme Court must uphold America’s right to determine who has access to our shores.   How many soldiers and civilians have perished because of Al Qaeda and ISIS?  How many more have to die before you can admit that asking questions isn’t a bad thing?

Can you admit that President Trump is right about this?

Theresa Kosmoski

Theresa Kosmoski