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President’s Message July 2016

President’s Message

This month will prove pivotal in Republican politics, perhaps more so than any other party convention in history.  We can make history, or we can expose the soft underbelly of the Republican beast and hold still while the Democrats deal the fatal blow to our party.

The choice, really, is ours.

Do we, as individuals and as a party, stand behind the nominee for President that was chosen by the American voters, or do we decide that some of us know better than most of us and attempt a coup at Convention by changing the rules and pushing for “unbound delegates”?

In what sociopathic, socialist society is it okay to ignore the outcome of an election?  In a democratic society rule by the majority is the foundational component of liberty.  We may not always like the outcome but we accept it, do our best to minimize the damage and work even harder for a different outcome the next time.

In my very humble opinion, it requires a monumental amount of hubris to think that the will of the voters should be challenged unless an otherwise qualified candidate is certifiably homicidal, shows pedophiliac tendencies or expresses joy in the abusive treatment of women.

Nearly every one of us going to Cleveland is assigned to represent the will of our voters.  That is an awesome responsibility that should be handled with honor and respect.  There should be no conniving or manipulation.  When a delegate steps up to cast his or her vote, he or she needs to be mindful of the American warriors who gave their lives over the last couple of hundred years so that each person’s voice would matter.  To do anything else diminishes their sacrifice and denies the spirit of these great United States.

There are folks out there who insist that we chose the wrong guy.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  What is important is that we have chosen.  Our fight should not be with each other; our only fight should be against Hillary Clinton and her liberal, soul-sucking, elitist policies.

I am disappointed to see how many of our statewide and nationally elected officials have not yet decided to support our nominee.  We supported you, we voted for you and now we look to you for leadership by example.  Every single Republican governor should, by the end of the week at Cleveland, sign on to endorse our nominee.  Every House and Senate Republican should do the same. As should every statewide office holder. Hold your nose if you must, but do it.  This isn’t about you.  It’s about democracy.  It’s about taking back the White House.  It’s about our future as a party and as a people.

If those “unbound delegate” believers insist on moving forward, I do hope that they understand that they will succeed only in dividing our Republican house. If our elected leadership does not stand by our nominee they will further divide our Republican house.   We all know that a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Trust me, the Democrats understand that.  They will use it.  We will lose.


Theresa Kosmoski

Theresa Kosmoski NEW