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President’s Message – February 2020

President’s Message

Bellwether to Blowout Texas stays RED!

Every mainstream media outlet I have encountered reported the same thing; “The special election results in HD28 [Fort Bend County] would be how Texas would vote in November.”

Democrats spent over two million dollars and brought in hundreds of paid workers from both coasts. Forward Majority, a Democratic Super PAC focused on flipping state houses, says it alone spent $400,000. Democratic presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, endorsed the Democrat candidate for this Texas House seat while other Democrats, Michael Bloomberg, Julian Castro, and Robert Francis O’Rourke, all walked and gave stump speeches on her behalf.

How could TFRW NOT see that as a challenge??

Republican Gary Gates won by 16 points with 58% of the vote. Needless to say, the media underestimated Texas’ Republican women and the voters of Fort Bend County. We may not rally, picket, and protest like the left, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have strong convictions. We love God and our Country. We value our freedom and strongly oppose socialism. Women, especially, are getting more involved in politics.

The number of Republican women who have filed for elected office in 2020 shatters all previous records. They recognize that President Trump’s policies are working for us. Affordable healthcare, support for paid family leave, more jobs, and safer communities are all “women’s issues” and make this the perfect time to get involved and “be part of the solution.”

The left and the media will do their best to drown out our voices, but TFRW will work together For Texas and The Country, and in November, when we blow it out of the water, we can say the mainstream media was right for once!

Thank you again for the honor of serving you. Together, we will make Texas stronger and more conservative than ever.

For Texas and The Country! 
Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]