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President’s Message – December 2016

President’s Message

Today marks the last month of a very long year for most of us who indulge our passions for liberty, politics and  the American way of life.  We worked hard and the result is that Republicans, finally, have the first opportunity in a very long time to prove that our conservative values truly are what makes America great.

I’ve said it before and it bears repeating:  you work to win every election, but sometimes you don’t.  When that happens, you must work to minimize any damage and work even harder the next time for a different outcome.

What you do NOT do is riot in the streets, protest without a cause and complain because the wrong person won in an election in which you couldn’t even be bothered to vote.  And you certainly don’t allow the leaders in your party to denounce every person who voted for the other side as immoral, misogynistic, homophobic, islamophobic, deplorable  or racist.  I believe that indulging in such “politic-shaming” is its own special kind of bigotry.

I voted for Mr. Trump, and I am none of those things.  Neither are most people I know.    Are there a few in my party that meet at least some of that standard?  Probably, but no more than are represented in the Democrat party.

All of this nonsense over recounts needs to end, as well.  It is clearly a way for the Clinton’s to try to manipulate our process at arm’s length and it does not speak well to their love of country.  I beg of the Clintons and their supporters:   do not damage what remains of the Clinton legacy.  Do the right this, if just this once.

It’s over.  The Republicans won the White House.  Those who are still stung by the outcome must find a way to move past the hateful language that you now so easily espouse and allow the President-Elect to what the America people expect  – to govern and to lead so our people can have better lives.

I hear so often that Mr. Trump has no clue what it is like to be the leader of the free world.  I’m willing to bet that no President, when  crossing the threshold of the Oval Office for the first time,  fully grasped the enormity of the responsibility, either.   You may not care for his style but he is undeniably a born leader and, from all indications, up to the task.

I suggest that we all swallow the proverbial “chill pill” and give President-Elect Trump a chance to lead now – what choice do we have, really? I’m confident that, while I’m going to love some of the policies that he will put into place, I’m not going to agree with everything that he does while in office.    I have yet to find the “perfect” elected official with whom I agree completely; such is the price of independent thought.  On balance, though, I do believe that Americans will find themselves in a better place because a Republican will  be in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

At the end of Trump’s term we will all have an opportunity to judge him.  We will give him another four years or we won’t; we will make our statement on President Trump in 2020.  One day, history will have the final word on the wisdom of the American people and our system of representative democracy. But for now, let’s allow the President-Elect the opportunity to leave a positive legacy.  Let’s give liberty a chance.

Theresa Kosmoski

Theresa Kosmoski