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President’s Message – August 2016

President’s Message

After a rousing week in Cleveland I want to personally, and on behalf of TFRW, give Texas-sized congratulations to Donald J Trump and Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana, our next President and Vice President of the United States!

What a week it was, full of inspiring speeches and incredible sights.  A big hat’s off to the thousands of law enforcement who were there in full force to be sure that everyone had their say and no one got hurt.  I can’t thank them enough for taking a week away from their homes and families to be sure we all had a productive time without incident.

I’m energized and ready to accomplish the task in front of us.

We Republicans now have but one mission in front of us come November: WIN EVERY RACE ON THE BALLOT. 

Make no mistake:  it will take every one of us if we are to be successful.  I heard someone suggest that politics is not a team sport; I’m here to tell you that, indeed, it is.  Every one of us who has ever voted Republican or has run as a Republican is a key player on the team.

Maybe you think we picked the wrong guy.  If so, it no longer matters; the American people have spoken and we have our candidate.  It is our responsibility to elect every Republican on the ballot.

I challenge every Republican Governor, every House and Senate Republican, all of our state-wide elected Republicans, and every retired office holder to step up and endorse the Trump/Pence ticket.  Hold your nose if you must, but do it. 

We elected you to leadership positions and now I expect that each of you will demonstrate that leadership.  We need it now more than ever.

When you ran for office, each of you expected the party and the party faithful to stand up for you. We did.   Now it is your turn to do the right thing so that, come January, we might actually see some level of sanity restored inside the DC Beltway.

The alternative is unthinkable.  Failure to commit to our ticket means failure to win.

Failure is not an option.

Grass-roots activists:  I challenge each of you to contact your elected officials and remind them that they are honor-bound to do everything in their power to see that every Republican, including Trump/Pence, is elected, and lending their endorsement is a critical element of that support. 

The Dems will use every dirty trick in the book to make our candidates look bad.  The only way we can prevail is if we UNITE TO WIN in word and deed.

This is bigger than any one of us; let’s do everything in our power to make it happen.


Theresa Kosmoski

Theresa Kosmoski