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President’s Message – April 2019

President’s Message

It’s April 2019 and that can only mean two things. The Texas Federation of Republican Women shows up at the Capitol in RED to say hello to our Senators and Representatives, and it is tax time. April can be a time for reflection, a reflection on just how poorly the government spends our hard-earned cash. Income, property, sales, and those little annoying fees that are really taxes in disguise. It all adds up and just like Cardi B, I want to know what y’all are spending my money on and I want receipts.

I really do not think it is fair that I must follow a budget both at home and as President of the TFRW, and the US government does not. My household budget is straight forward, every purchase must pass the “do we really need this” test, of course if it is clothes and anything for the house my answer is yes. The TFRW budget is a little more complicated. TFRW had a balanced budget for 2018 and ended the year with a cushion — it was not easy. We spent hours locked in a room cutting back and making some hard choices and sticking with those choices throughout 2018. It hurt at times to say, “no we can’t afford that this year.” When the Finance Committee met in January 2019, we made deeper cuts, and I am proud to say four months in we are still on track. Our Finance Committee monitors every penny we spend, and we will do so until we have a healthy cushion back in the bank. The State and Federal governments owe the taxpayers that much.

My recommendation is to let the fantastic members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women oversee the state and federal budgets and make sure that our representatives follow the budget, just like we do every day!

Karen C. Newton, President

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