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President’s Message – April 2018

President’s Message

Viva Fiesta

Viva San Antonio

Fiesta is in full swing in San Antonio, which means your President may have ‘limited access’ to her emails the next ten days. Fiesta started over 100 years ago, in 1891, with a flower parade affectionately known today as the Battle of Flowers Parade. The parade honors the heroes of the battle of the Alamo and San Jacinto and the celebration of the victory at San Jacinto. Today the parade is the only parade in the country to be completely organized and run by women.

Fiesta is more than the Battle of Flowers Parade, it is a celebration of the rich and diverse cultures in San Antonio. Fiesta draws people from all socio-economic statuses, parts of town and cultures creating a variety of celebrations. Definitions of Fiesta are as varied as the people who live here.

Basically, Fiesta is an eleven-day party with a purpose. Every official Fiesta event is sponsored by a local nonprofit or military organization. In San Antonio, we say the ‘Rodeo goes on forever and Fiesta never ends’ (a take on the Robert Earl Keen song). Fiesta never ends because these charitable organizations give back to San Antonio throughout the year; we feel Fiesta’s impact in our city every day.  Participating organizations produce their own unique events, rich in tradition such as The Southwest Craft Center Art Fair, the Texas Cavalier’s River Parade, and the Conservation Society’s NIOSA.

NIOSA, Night in Old San Antonio, may sound a little familiar right now. The Republican Party of Texas will be hosting their own NIOSita during Convention and you can pregame that event at T.F.R.W.’s Margaritas with Senoritas. (, but you need to be prepared, and I don’t mean coming here to vote for a RPT Chairman or condensing the party platform. You need to be prepared for San Antonio and that means brushing up on some SAtown lingo, and making sure you dress the part.




Puro San Antonio


“sita” or “ita”

Added to any word we want to sound a little more affectionate.

Are you going to the RPT’s NIOSita?



“Wow” or “Yikes”

Hijole! Why is the platform so long mija?



Painted eggshells filled with confetti that you break over someone’s head…outside.



Roasted Corn



Spicy grilled steak on a stick



That emotional outburst interjected into many a mariachi song.


What to Wear



Embroidered Mexican/Oaxacan dresses


Coronas: paper flower crowns.

San Antonio is my hometown and I am so excited that the Republican Party of Texas is hosting their convention here. Remember, when you are wearing your RED be the best version of yourself!

Viva San Antonio! Viva T.F.R.W.!


karennewtonhresredhead-round crop

Karen C. Newton, President