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President’s Message June 2016

President’s Message

Republicans across this great nation……hear this clearly:  no matter who you supported or worked for in the presidential primary we must now come together to support our candidate,  even if he wasn’t your first choice, or your sixth choice or even your thirteenth choice.

Donald Trump has secured enough delegates to have earned the nomination for the Republican candidate for President.  No amount of hand-wringing, furtive wails or cries in the night will change that.

The American people have spoken.

It is not extreme thinking to believe that the future of the entire Republican Party may very well depend on our ability to come together as a party.  If we cannot find a way to link arms and focus on our common values and goals, then how can the American people have confidence in our ability to govern the nation?   Ever?

Make no mistake….. this is exactly what will happen if we fail to support our candidate:  Billary will be allowed to homestead the White House yet again and likely for 8 very long years.   I turn twenty shades of grayish green just thinking about that.  Whitewater.  Benghazi.  Monica.  Mail servers.  ISIS.   Just to name a few of our national nightmares.

Yes, I have my concerns and doubts about Donald Trump but let me be perfectly clear:  I have NO doubts about Hillary Clinton.  She comes to this race with a lifetime record of dishonesty, scandal, American –murdering, soul-sucking, left –wing elitism that could care less about lifting the poor, defending the hard-won rights of women, protecting American families, improving the economy or defending our liberties…..any of them.

We do not need another extended worldwide apology tour or crash course in the definition of two letter words.  We shouldn’t have to spend a single minute living in a country where our border is the least of our concerns because we don’t have the military might to swat a fly out of the sky, let alone defend against foreign invaders.

Do I need to mention four possible Supreme Court nominations?

Yes, the Donald has had cringe-worthy moments throughout this campaign season, and his less-than-stellar tweets are a testament to his need to be brutally boorish more often than is necessary.   Yet the man has talents and skills that have remained largely ignored thus far- there is little use in denying that he is one of the most successful real estate developers and entrepreneurs on the planet. That doesn’t happen by luck or coincidence.    His meteoric political rise without the benefit of seasoned political insider staff says something about his intelligence, intuition, and determination.

Maybe those aren’t such bad qualities in a President.


Theresa Kosmoski

Theresa Kosmoski NEW