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President’s Message – March 2017

President’s Message

Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, delivered his first state of the union address.

Well done, Mr. President.  Well done.

You  managed to speak about the issues that Americans want to see our government address and you spoke of the need to work together, across the aisle, for a better future for all Americans and, most especially, for our children.

You talked in great detail about creating a better system of health insurance that will be less expensive and more available to all Americans.  It was sad to watch the democrats in the audience refuse to acknowledge that there may be a better way that doesn’t include a mandate to purchase a government sponsored product.

You eloquently remembered those who serve our country and promised that those who were lost did not die in vain; you vowed to structure and fund our military in a way that would honor their sacrifice while reminding our enemies that we will not be afraid nor will we give in to terrorism.

You reiterated this country’s support of our men and women in blue and of our need to protect our borders while maintaining our legacy of thoughtful immigration.  And much, much more.

I am proud to be an American, and I am proud that you are my President.

I watched the rebuttal by former Governor Brashear and thought:  if that’s the best they have to offer than the future is bleak, indeed, for the blue party.

The most cogent argument that the former Governor could sum up was that tired old “the Russians did it” refrain.  It is so easy to fall back on that excuse because they cannot prove that the Russians actually did anything but it begs the question:  if the Russians actually did hack the elections, were the folks at the Obama NSA, FBI and CIA all asleep??  Or was this another example liberal incompetence?

We do not need to waste any time rebutting these silly accusations; it is time to govern.  It is time to set policy and enact laws that make America a better place, a more prosperous place, for all of our people.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be an American know that we welcome people who share our values and are willing to earn the blessings of this land and our culture.  We will give you a hand up, but do not expect hand outs. If your goal is death and destruction or evasion, than you are not welcome.  Period.

To all the snowflakes out there: your team lost; get over it.  You can cry, look for “safe spaces”, wear white pantsuits and protest all you want but know that Americans will quickly grow weary of your tantrums.   Can’t you see that most Americans already have?

Finally, I have a suggestion for George Soros.  Go back to the European Union and fix the mess that your policies made there.  Take your billions and consider doing something that will actually improve the world…..perhaps water for developing African nations, AIDS medications or internet in third-world countries, or education for women and girls in the Middle East.  Stop trying to instigate unrest among our people and give up your quest to purchase political outcomes in this great nation.

Our people, and only our people, have the inalienable right to determine our destiny.

I am reassured that we have a strong president who will not capitulate unnecessarily and clearly wants only the best for our people. Keep up the good work, Mr. President.  Keep up the good work.

Theresa Kosmoski

Theresa Kosmoski