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TFRW Woman of Distinction – August 2022


Judy Frey lived in upstate New York, Central Virginia and Southern California before moving to Gregg County, Texas, in 1982. She became the Secretary for Gregg County Republican Party in 1992, and served under four consecutive successive County Chairs until 2014. She then became the Secretary for the Republican Women of Gregg County, her position still today. For Judy, consistent production of high-quality meeting minutes is part science, part art. Some graciously claim she excels at both.

Judy graduated college with a degree and permanent certification in Elementary Education. She taught in two public schools, a private Christian school, and home schooling her own kids.

From 1997 to the present, she worked as Secretary and Assistant Textbook Reviewer at Educational Research Analysts in Longview.

Judy and her husband, Neal, married in 1967, and have one son and three daughters. She is also the proud grandmother of 13 grandchildren! All, plus their three sons-in-law, hold strong Christian conservative views. Having a servant’s heart, Judy never had political ambitions, but soldiers on as Secretary because she believes Texas’ grassroots-strong GOP are held together by the Biblical absolutes of American constitutionalism, economics, family and morals.