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President’s Pen – March 2021

President’s Message

Is this a test?! Between COVID-19, a highly suspect election, and the epic failure of our power grid, some days it seems that the grit and determination of Texas is being tested. I certainly hope this is a test, because the heart and resilience of Texans across this state continue to be an example of neighbors helping each other and the fierce independence we are known for. As we resolve to look forward and find solutions for these challenges, we know that the best solution is to be prepared.

At TFRW, we prepare for success with information, education, and training. I hope that by now you are all participating in Robbi Hull’s weekly TFRW Action Alerts and Friday’s call on Election Integrity with Toni Anne Dashiell and Rep. Stephanie Klick. Have you testified at a redistricting hearing yet? If not, you still have a little time to make your voice heard! Live testimony via Zoom is preferred, but a letter or email will work too. Have a writing party and flood the committee with conservative mail!

Another Legislative priority for TFRW is Civics in Education. I’m so happy that this also is a priority for Governor Abbott. Without a foundation in civics education using original source material like the Constitution and Federalist Papers, how can we expect our children to understand what our founders intended or why America is exceptional? I read a great article written by Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Joshua Trevino about Critical Race Theory and the erosion of American values in the classroom. Take a look (HERE) and you’ll understand why civics is so important to the future of our country.

Positional leadership trainings have been taking place across the state and in response to the enormous demand we’ll be offering a “virtual” Nuts & Bolts training at the end of March for those who have not had a live event in their area. This is a first for TFRW and we are very excited! Watch your email for a Zoom invitation.

Running for elected office? Want to work on a campaign? TFRW Candidate Development School and Leadership Institute Campaign Management Schools will prepare you for the 2022 campaign season. Information on both programs can be found later in this newsletter.

I’m excited to announce a couple of new projects! First, our beautiful and talented Former Vice Chair Amy Clark, has started a consulting firm and has taken on TFRW as a client. Amy will lead a series of Zoom trainings for our members on Effective Communication. Topics will include Messaging, Difficult Conversations, and Strategies for Speaking with the Media. We also are developing a series of Zoom trainings on specific “issues” with leaders in each field. Watch for invitations for both of these series in the next few weeks.

Finally, thank you to Dana Myers of Magic Circle RW who has agreed to lead what I am calling the “Texas Treasures” project. I am so excited that we will begin interviewing our most seasoned members and recording their historical journeys for posterity in our TFRW archives! But we need your help! If you have a TFRW treasure in your club, please send her name, DOB, county, email, phone number, and address to us at [email protected] with “TFRW Treasure” in the subject line.

I thank you again for the honor of serving you. We are empowered women empowering others, and together we will continue to make Texas the leader of principled, conservative governance.

For Texas and The Country! 

Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]