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President’s Pen – July 2020

President’s Message

Can you help me remind the world why we love America?

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a crazy, unprecedented year. Impeachment hearings, COVID-19 shutdowns, rioters tearing down historical monuments, calls to defund the police—we’ve all lived through these events so I won’t belabor you with more details. But, I can’t help but wonder if you, like I, are feeling frustrated watching others tear our country apart? Are you tired of remaining quiet while extremists dismantle our Republic, but afraid of the confrontation that you know will come if you voice any disagreement? You don’t have to be! It’s easy to focus on the anger and hatred being stirred up by radicals and escalated by the media, but we have a choice.

Being positive in the face of negativity is a conscious decision, and what our friends and neighbors need now is a reminder of what makes America worth keeping, worth defending. We cherish our legacy of freedom and liberty and can make a very large impact in small, non-confrontational ways. Jeff Minick’s column at Intellectual Takeout suggests doing small things like softly humming patriotic tunes in the grocery store, hanging a flag outside your home, and personally thanking police officers for their service. Kingwood Area RW made “gratitude boxes” for local police stations. Instead of traditional nursery rhymes, I’ve started teaching patriotic songs to my grandson. When he breaks out singing the 2-year-old version of You’re a Grand Old Flag in the middle of Walmart, everyone smiles!

“Instead of trying to respond to one more Facebook arguments or meet radical extremism with reason, it’s time we reminded the silent majority what true patriotism looks like and focus on living it.”
– Kimberly Fletcher, Moms for America

As women, we set the tone of patriotism and hope in our homes, our clubs, and our communities. My challenge to every woman in TFRW is to do three small things that show why you love America. Can you imagine the impact of 30,000 acts of patriotism in the next week (the week we celebrate our independence)?

We are not powerless and we do not have to play by their rules. Actions speak volumes. Let’s remind the world why America is exceptional.

For Texas and The Country! 
Glynis Chester, President
[email protected]