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President’s Message – September 2019

President’s Message

We are Back!!!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the Texas Federation of Republican Women. We are back, ladies, and back in full force. I want Team Blue to know that the TFRW is growing at a steady rate, and that we are officially over 10,161 active members and adding new membership every day. I am so proud of the work you all are doing in your local clubs and want you to keep sending your 2019 membership in, so we can start stronger than ever in 2020!

Our growth is a collaborative effort between the TFRW and the Cornyn Campaign; a special thanks to Steve Munisteri, John Jackson, and Spencer Davis. The team feels so strongly about the role that TFRW will play in the 2020 election they have plugged us into other Republican efforts across the state. Keep working those new members lists!

In a Leadership Institute Campaign Management School wrap-up meeting, Robert Arnakis, the Senior Director of Domestic and International Programs, congratulated the women of the TFRW for being the “best represented at the Campaign Management schools across the state” this summer. I was honored to be sitting at that table as your President when the instructors from LI described participants as “high quality!”

Karen C. Newton, President

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