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wounded-warrior-logoThe official Caring for America project for 2012-2014 was the Wounded Warrior Project.

San Antonio is one of only two campuses in the United States to offer a total immersion program to fully prepare soldiers to re-enter civilian life. The majority of these young men and women went to war with no prior work experience or post-high school education. The Wounded Warrior Project offers physical, spiritual and mental rehabilitation.

Since 9-11, the nature of war has changed dramatically. Previously there were approximately 1.7 injuries for each death which our forces incurred. Now, though advanced protective gear saves soldiers’ lives, there are 7 injuries per death and the nature of the injuries suffered is horrific. A large number of these wounded warriors suffer from post-traumatic stress
syndrome and need significant counseling in order to recover. The effects on the family are long-lasting and can be debilitating. Soldiers are returning home and committing suicide in increasing numbers as a result of witnessing the horrors of the battle field at such a young age.

We owe our soldiers and their families support as they struggle through recovery. There are many ways in which to help them. There are two ways our clubs can help our soldiers through The Wounded Warrior Project. We can make a one-time monetary gift each year to the program or we can participate as a member of the Advance Guard. The Advance Guard giving
program requires a $19 per month donation for the next two years. This amount is very small considering the sacrifices our soldiers have made for their country. Most clubs can readily afford this amount and those that cannot have the option of the single donation each year.

The website for the Wounded Warrior Project is

Stay tuned to for information on our 2016-17 project!