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TFRW Candidate Support Fund Guidelines

Members of the TFRW PAC committee are the TFRW PAC Chairman, Vice President – Finance, Vice President – Campaign Activities, and four additional members appointed by the President. The TFRW President is an ex officio member of the committee. PAC Committee members serve for two years.

The PAC Committee sets general guidelines for determining which candidates will receive contributions from TFRW. The PAC Committee will convene at the first TFRW Board meeting following the primary election in even numbered years to determine distribution of funds to general election Republican candidates or will meet, as necessary, for special elections.

  1. Depositphotos_39077655_originalBecause of Federal Election Law restrictions, TFRW will not give money to Federal candidates.
  2. Requests for funds will be considered from those Republican candidates that are on the ballot as State Representative or Appellate Judge and above. Those candidates below the State Representative or Appellate Judge level will not be considered.
  3. The TFRW Candidate Support Fund has limited money available for contributions; therefore, the following criteria will be considered when determining which candidates will receive funds:
  • Is the candidate an incumbent?
  • What is the Republican voting philosophy for the district?
  • What is the budget for the campaign?
  • How hard is the candidate working?
  • How much money has the candidate raised in the district?
  • Is it a targeted district?

4. The PAC Chairman will submit a list of recommendations to our Board of Directors for approval. The targeted races will be given priority in considerations.

5. The TFRW PAC Committee will not make donations to pay for a campaign debt incurred in the Republican primary.

Because we have limited funds, our goal will be to place the money where it can be the most effective in helping elect those candidates who can give us a majority in the Texas House, maintain our statewide Senate majority, and elect Republicans committed to our Republican principles and values.